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Our skin is the first thing people see, so maintaining its health and glow can be an important part of maintaining self confidence, and with a bit of confidence and sparkle, the world is your oyster!

With so much on the market these days, it can be quite confusing to understand what’s best for our skin, and its certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. Not only that, but our skin changes with weather, hormones, age and many other factors impacted by our general health. That’s why its so important to speak to an expert and approach your skin care regime in a way that suits you best.

We use a few different skin care regimes but PCA really stands out for us. The products aren’t tested on animals, which is paramount and packaging is recyclable. PCA has products to support your basic daily skincare routine, including reef safe SPF, moisturisers, skin balancing toners, hydrating serums and purifying cleansers all the way up to medical grade retinol peels and acne or rosacea treatments.

We understand that there are times that you’re not ready to commit to a new brand and you’d rather dip a toe in before you dive right in! Because of this, we can design the ideal skin regime for you and provide you with a login to Harley which is a platform that allows you to view the suggested products and consider purchasing them from your own home, in your own time, without the pressure of having to do it in clinic.

We’re to announce that I am working with @getharley to give my patients the best skincare experience they deserve, even after they leave my clinic!

During your bespoke skin consultation in clinic, I will create a personal @getharley account for you which gives you instant access to your personalised skincare plan and step-by-step application instructions on your mobile. At your own option and time without any pressure, you can get Harley to deliver my recommended products to your doorstep packaged in an eco-friendly box.

Doing the best for your skin has never been easier.

Running out of your products but too busy to come into clinic to restock?

Replenish your products online within seconds with my clinic’s newly offered @getharley service. Harley’s clever technology tracks product usage within your daily regimen, prompts you to restock a week before you’re due to run out and allows you to place product orders online with one-click. So if you’re too busy to come into clinic to restock your skincare products, this service is definitely for you.

The added bonus? The personalised yet discreet packaging.

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